Live Plasma

Live Plasma offers a pretty cool service. You type in the name of a band, singer, film-maker, movie or actor you like and it will generate a map situating your choice within a wider context. The site boasts that in doing so you will be able to discover new artists you didn't know about. I've played a while with it, and, although fun, I feel it falls rather short of its stated aim. It doesn't recognise most of the people I looked for, and some of the connections were rather surreal. But still. I take it this technology is relatively young and that things may improve. If so, this might be a great way to discover new exciting stuff out there. Try it out for yourself and give your opinion!

I've also seen one of these related to IT news. This one works much better. I guess it's because it only looks for information in a single website, making it easier to sort out results. i wonder if anyone will create one for news which browses the whole of the web. That would be amazing. Especially if it worked!